What is truth?

The current political atmosphere is more of a circus than an election. Multiple parties and candidates telling us we must believe and vote for them because they alone know the truth. Whose truth? What truth? Liberal truth? Conservative truth? Socialist truth? Does truth really come in a variety pack?
As Christians, we are connected to the One who is truth. But how does that help us now? Today?
What is truth? Is it information? Is it revelation? Can we know it? Does it fluctuate with time?
The world says something is true when and if you believe it. They seem to think that if you believe hard enough that a suitcase has a million dollars in it, it will have a million dollars in it. If you believe in world peace, you will have world peace. If you believe love and flowers will stop someone from killing you, then love and flowers will stop someone from killing you. Life depends more on us believing rather than what is actually real and what is true. They say we are only limited by our belief system. This “truth” is applied to science, religion and politics. You may hear that God is only as real as you believe Him/her to be. Not based on reality, facts or substantive logic and reasoning. God really is “all in our head”.
Despite the “white noise” of Facebook postings and the Internet blogosphere, belief is relative while truth is fixed and unchangeable. Truth is a statement or an idea that matches up to reality – Dr. Dallas Willard. It is the same for all people, at all times, in all places- Josh McDowell.
Truth is not in the eye of the beholder. Truth is not dependent upon personal belief or understanding. It is not dependent on our ability to discover or receive revelation. Truth is simply that which matches reality.
An example related to science would be that the truth about creation is determined by what really happened. No matter what we personally believe about creation, it will either match the reality or it will not. The same goes for evolution. Only what matches reality is true.
In the area of religion, there cannot be both God and no god. There cannot be only one way and many ways. There isn’t a variety of opposing religions that are all true. There is only one truth that matches reality. Nothing else is true. Since God has told us that He is, no matter what we think, believe or say…God is. Jesus Christ is either God or He is not. Both statements cannot be true. Only one matches reality.
The criteria for truth is the same in religion, science and politics. Find the truth. Don’t settle for anything less.
The great miracle is that any pursuit of truth will lead us to the One who is Truth. Jesus declared Himself to be the Way, the Truth and the Life. This matches reality.

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