Welcome to Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, thanks for taking the time to check us out.  We sincerely hope that once you visit our website you will visit us in person. Lighthouse is a multigenerational church where people from all backgrounds; races and walks of life come together to grow in their relationship with God, to worship and discover authentic relationships.

We have ministries tailored specifically to every member of your family. Our prayer is that through our ministry  you will experience the love, grace, mercy and power of God through His Holy Spirit. We trust you will come to know us as a church of people who love God and strive to be better men and women of God today than we were yesterday.

Lighthouses through out past decades have been used as structures to emit light to aid in navigation, mark dangerous or hazardous areas and aid in safe entry to harbors or other waterways. We like to think of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship as a place where the light of the Lord will aid you in safe entry to all that God has in store for you and your family, and illuminate areas that are dangerous and hazardous for us as individuals and families. We want to see people healed and whole, so we can all be what God wants for each of us.