Walking on Water

Jesus walking on water was a miracle. But we have come to understand and expect that Jesus will do the miraculous. He is, after all, the Son of God. But Peter walking on water? What? He’s like us. He’s a normal guy with normal problems and normal fears. How is it that he ends up walking on water like God Himself. Surely that is a once in a lifetime, one time only, not ever to be repeated again moment. And no, I did not call you Shirley.
As Christians, whether we are new babes in Christ or mature “been there done that” believers, we can accept Jesus doing great things. We are a little less faith-filled when it comes to believing He will do great things through us. Can Jesus walk on water? Absolutely, anytime, anywhere. Can I walk on water? I don’t think so.
But we can. Not only did the “power of God” continue in the earth after Jesus ascended to heaven, but that power, found in the person of the Holy Spirit, is here today. In each and every believer in Christ. That’s us. We are His children, endued with power from on high, filled with His Spirit, covered by the Blood, walking in the Light, crucified with Christ, raised in His resurrection power, seated in Him in the heavens high above every principality and power on earth.
Does that mean I can go in the backyard and walk across the swimming pool? Not unless Jesus calls me to do that. What we learn from Peter is that we can do anything… anything… only if Jesus directs us to do it.
Peter got out of the boat because Jesus said, “Come”. Peter walked on water because Jesus said, “Come”. An important moment in the story is when Peter asks Jesus to give him a word. “Give me a word Lord so I will know it is ok to get out of the boat.” It is in communicating with our Savior that we begin to reach our spiritual potential. We can know the love, compassion and power of God as we listen to the voice of the Lord Jesus.
The universal power that overcomes fear in any and every circumstance is a Word from God. We can pray for healing, we can be missionaries and evangelists, we can raise a family, we can live free from the bondage of pride and lust… all with a Word from the Lord Jesus.
What is it that you want to do with your life? And what is it that you are asking from Christ?
Is He watching you hide from the world, from your destiny, safe in the “boat”? You know safety in these troubled times is only an illusion. Peter’s boat could sink at any time. Until we realize that we are simply being tossed around by the storm, by circumstances, by problems everywhere we turn, we aren’t interested in what Christ has to say. Would you rather play it safe and stay in the boat? Jesus would rather you get out of the boat and take on the storm. Step over your problems and experience the miraculous provision of God Himself. Experience His power as He walks with you on the water. The storm, and your problems, become meaningless in the “light of His glory and grace”.
You cannot win unless you get “out of the boat”. Get out and start walking. With a Word from the Lord and your eyes on Christ, you cannot fail.

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