Our Christian “Independence Day”

“No King but King Jesus!”…that was the rallying cry for many in the Revolutionary War. We were in a battle for freedom from England, who desired to implement illegal rules and laws. This war has stood for 200+ years as a standard of freedom and a symbol of liberation from an oppressor. It was the moment in time when we, the people of the United States, achieved our “independence”. So why bring Jesus’ name into it? What does political freedom have to do with religious freedom?

Some will use this cry to mean that we are not subject to the laws of this nation. That to be truly free, they say, means that we are accountable “only to God”. As if being a Christian means that we can do whatever we want, whenever we want. But the Bible suggests that true freedom comes with boundaries. The Christian life is sometimes compared to a race, or farming, or to a war. All of these metaphors are filled with the idea of freedom, and yet governed by specific rules and regulations.

As we became “independent” from England, to enjoy our freedom more completely, our founding Fathers drew up a Constitution. A set of rules to live by that would protect and guarantee our hard won freedom. As individuals, our freedom ended if it meant hurting someone else, or stealing their freedom. We are free to drive a car when we agree on the rules surrounding that activity, such as speed limits, stop signs, turning lanes, etc. Godly laws and biblical direction help us fulfill our maximum potential in the spiritual realm.

As Christians, Christ has set us free from the bondages of sin. He who the Son has freed is free indeed. But that freedom does not give us a license to continue sinning. God sets up boundaries in His Word regarding what we should and shouldn’t do, and then He gives us the power to live out the life that He is directing. That’s freedom! To be all that God wants us to be. To live the grace filled life He wants us to live. Freedom under the direction of the Holy Spirit is true freedom

Independence Day reminds us of the sacrifices of past heroes, of battles fought and lives lost all for the sake of freedom. It is a rich history for which we can be grateful to God. It is also a symbol of our “blood bought” salvation in Christ.   As Christians, and as Americans, true independence comes under the direction and Lordship of King Jesus.



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