Living in a Secular Land

Many Christians today are concerned about the direction our country seems to be taking. We seem to be getting further and further away from God. That soon we will be living in a land led by those who consider Christianity the enemy. From attacks on reading the Bible in public to the sanctity of marriage to the sanctity of life, everywhere we turn seems to be getting more and more ungodly.

Some suggest that our only option is to take up arms and rebel. Others recommend denying our earthly citizenship and heading to the hills (also known as sticking your head in the sand and hiding).

I’m going to say something radical. Daring. Maybe even profound. God is bigger than us. There, I said it. He’s bigger than the church, the nation, the world and the universe. It doesn’t matter who wins elections or who is in control of weapons of mass destruction or who is trying to sabotage you at work. He’s bigger than your husband, your wife or your government. He’s bigger than Hollywood, the main stream media, Super PACs, Wall Street, the banking system, political correctness and false religions.

That is to say… He’s Big.

To put it another way, He’s super infinity big. There is nothing bigger than Him, there is nothing equal to Him, there is nothing that comes close to Him. There is no yin/yang, good “force”/bad “force”, balance of good vs. evil. There is God and there is no other like Him.

In the Old Testament, the Lord put Daniel and Joseph in the center of pagan, secular nations. He made them leaders among the Pharaohs and Kings of paganism. On the same team as the enemies of God, and yet they were in the middle of His perfect and holy will. Placed there to further the purpose and plan of Jehovah God.

Our Father in heaven is simply not as legalistic as we are. Those whom He has called and anointed will not only survive in a pagan, secular environment, but they will thrive.

Don’t let the noise of the enemy scare us or distract us from our calling. We are put on this earth to make a difference for Jesus. To love God, love one another and reach the lost. That vision and calling does not change when and if our environment becomes hostile. God is bigger than every attack the enemy throws at us. And He is able to anoint, guide and protect if we are willing to let Him.

It is a two-fold battle. On the one hand, God asks us to be good stewards of the country He has given us. That means vote for godly men and women. That means try and make sure immorality is not legally protected. But regardless of what happens, trust God.

It just doesn’t matter if we are living in enemy territory. We may sometimes battle in the natural as God calls us, but we always trust in Christ because God did call us.

Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God is with us.

Don’t just survive as followers of Christ… thrive as followers of Christ.

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