I’d like to see that

Have you ever gone, or been dragged to, a Christian conference where everyone there seems to be seeing and getting something you are not? They talk about the miracles and spectacular things that happened last week or in other countries… and you think, “I’d like to see that. I might be as excited as everyone else if I saw that”.
Or do you go to church thinking everyone else is getting and seeing something you’re not? They talk about the wonderful worship and that they saw or heard angels during that one song… really?
You’re desperate for a sign, a word, a touch… but it doesn’t seem to come. You begin to question your faith, your past experiences, even the reality of God Himself.
You are not alone.
And I say that with a two-fold meaning. You are not the only one having these difficulties, and the Spirit of Jesus is in you even now walking through this valley with you.
We live in a world that seems to suggest that if we don’t receive flowers and jewelry, our husband does not love us. If my wife doesn’t get me baseball tickets, or a new tool, or wear what Victoria claims is a secret… she must not care about me.
There was a time when we looked deeper than that. When love was something special between two people that was founded on sacrifice, strength, commitment, joy, perseverance, and faith in the other person.
The toys and trinkets are great. I like them too. But they are not the basis for love.
So too is our relationship with God. When we look around and see other people getting “blessed”, we are tempted to think that we are not. We wonder why Jesus seems to love others more.
A better question would be, “why did we believe in the first place?” Is it because I saw a miracle? or heard an angel? You may know some cults based on those very things. Rather it was realizing that we are sinners separated from a holy God and only the Blood of Jesus can save us.
That is the foundation of our faith. Not that He healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out devils and walked on water. He did those things, and it certainly helped validate the claim He was making, but our faith is based on so much more than that. Jesus proved He was God by dying then raising Himself from the dead.
Just as the love of our spouse or family is not based on what we can get out of it or what we see when we look around the house, so too is our relationship with God.
Our wives may ask us for candy and flowers, and it is our joy to give them. But it is not the foundation of our love. That is something deeper and unshakeable. It is something spiritual and unseen. It is the miracle of two becoming one.
I will never stop asking God for miracles and supernatural events. Not because I need them to believe, but because it helps connect me to the reality of His Presence. But my faith and my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus and His righteousness.
If we are “looking for God”, the Bible tells us that we can see Him in creation itself. The heavens declare His glory. That glory was revealed in the Person of Jesus Christ, the One True God.
We may never see an angel until we get to heaven, but we have something the angels will never have… adoption papers.

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