Men’s Ministry


Men's MinistryIn today’s world, there is a desperate need for godly men to be true leaders and strong influences in their homes, churches, workplaces and communities. And we believe, according to God’s Word, that this is His will for all men who believe in Christ as their Savior. That’s why we offer ministry specifically for men of all ages, single or married, to help them grow in their personal relationships with Jesus and their faith.6611

Throughout the year, we have Bible studies and get-togethers for men to fellowship and go deeper in their study of the Word. Whether it’s reading through one of the books of the Bible, or taking a journey through a book like The Purpose Driven Life, our goal is to become more grounded in God’s love and develop Christlike character traits, like honesty, integrity, compassion, kindness, and self-control (to name a few).

Genuine friendship is also vital to staying motivated and encouraged in your walk with Christ. And a great way to get to know other guys who also love Jesus is to eat together. So four Saturdays a year, the men meet for breakfast to have good food and fun, encouraging

If you’re a man who wants to get closer to God and benefit from the support of other men like you, come and join us.