God is more than you think

Whatever you think about God, He is more. If you think He can heal the pain in your back or neck, He can also heal cancer. If you think God can heal cancer, He can also restore lost limbs. If you believe He can restore lost limbs, He can also raise the dead. If you already believe in a God that does all of those things, He is also able to save you from eternal death by giving you eternal life. Whatever you think about God, He is more.

As Christians, we may believe that we have an understanding about the nature and character of God. Compared to those who know nothing of Christ, that is certainly true. But like the disciples that walked with Jesus, we may think we know Him, but there is so much more.

Jesus asked Peter, James and John to accompany Him up the mountain. I’m sure they expected Jesus to spend the night in prayer as He usually did. More than likely, they had an idea of how the “prayer service” was going to go. They had seen it more than a few times. Jesus, their leader, their Rabbi, praying into the night. Nothing particularly spectacular expected to happen. Jesus was Jesus. They may have thought, “I’ve seen this before. It will be a good, blessed time of prayer and intercession. We’ll have a service, get some rest, and head down the mountain tomorrow”. They understood prayer, or thought they did. No big deal. Though they knew Jesus to be the Messiah, they were about to find out that He was so much more.

As the disciples were sleeping, and Jesus was praying:
He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light – Matt 17:2

They were astonished and afraid. The Jesus they thought they knew was revealing Himself to be so much more. He was manifesting His divinity. They thought they had Him figured out, but they were wrong. God is so much more than we can know.

It’s not that we get lazy or take the power of God for granted, but we do tend to stay in our belief comfort zone. We limit the power and glory of God to what we have already experienced. We anticipate what prayers He will answer and which ones He won’t. We have an idea of how God will minister to us when we are weak, tired, alone, sick or in despair. We’ve gotten used to Who He is and how He works. Jesus can calm a storm! Wow! But wait, there’s more… He can walk on water! Wow! But wait… there’s more, He can empower me to walk on water with Him! Wow! He made wine for the wedding guest! But wait, there’s more… He fed five thousand people from practically nothing!

Peter, James and John thought they knew Jesus, but they found out He was more than they even imagined.
Our God is infinite in wisdom, power and glory. We will never know His fullness. That means that He is always going to be more than we think He is. That He will always bless us more than we think He can. Heal us deeper than we even believe possible.

At this time in your lives, you may have minimum expectations of God in your family, at church, in prayer or in worship. But go up the mountain with Him. Don’t expect things to be ‘normal’. Stay awake, stay alert, be ready, pray. Jesus is more than you think He is. He will manifest more and more of His glory as we follow Him in faith. And as He reveals more and more of Himself, we can become more and more like Him.

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