Future ministry, Today’s Humility

Ah, to be like David. King David. The warrior, the worshiper, the poet, the shepherd. Wait…the shepherd? You must mean the pastoral picture of protector and provider, not the guy alone in the fields with smelly animals trying not to step in sheep by-product.

Well, it seems that David wasn’t always a king, a warrior, a minister or a prophet. The first step in his journey to the place of anointing, power and revelation was as a laborer. Just a regular guy doing a regular job.   He had duties, obligations, responsibilities and the day to day drudgery of normalcy. Even after he was “called” and “anointed”, he still went back to his secular job.   It’s almost as if the humility found in performing simple duties with no accolades, for the good of your family, is the foundation upon which ministry can be built.

Each day he would head off to work in the fields, alone, yet with a sense of purpose that defied his humble surroundings. He had a job to do and he was going to do it the best he could no matter who or what tried to stop him. He fought the lion, the bear, tedium and monotony.   Instead of living a life of pride thinking he was too good for manual labor, or rejection thinking he was never going to amount to much and deserved to live with the sheep, he embraced humility. Humility defined as an honest reflection of our worth compared to God’s worth. Who we truly are and Who He truly is. Not with pride, not with rejection, but with humility. If you are given a job, do the job. Yours, not someone else’s. Do it well, do it right, do it with character, do it with honor.

In humility he found grace which is the power to live a godly life. He didn’t have to sit around imagining what it would be like to be king, he simply honored the true King every day and put his future into the hands of Jehovah God.

He didn’t concern himself with the fact that only the sheep were hearing his extraordinary worship songs. He simply worshipped God knowing that the Object of his worship heard him and loved him.

In David’s life, as in ours, the foundation of ministry is commitment to the small things. Duty, responsibility and character in our daily walk, our daily jobs, our daily schooling and our daily lives.

If we know Jesus as Savior, we are called and we are anointed. Our worldly life, job and existence is a part of that calling. Staying faithful in these small, less glamorous things is God’s preparation for more. Future ministry comes from fulfilling your present duty. God gives grace to the humble – James 4:6.




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