What is truth?

The current political atmosphere is more of a circus than an election. Multiple parties and candidates telling us we must believe and vote for them because they alone know the truth. Whose truth? What truth? Liberal truth? Conservative truth? Socialist truth? Does truth really come in a variety pack? As Christians, we are connected to […]

A Pro Life Message

Why is abortion a political issue? Over the years, if you are pro-life/anti-abortion, you are probably a Republican, and if you are pro-choice/pro-abortion, you are probably a Democrat. Somehow, abortion has become a liberal vs. conservative issue. How did it come to this? What kind of a society dialogues on the wisdom of killing or […]

Our Christian “Independence Day”

“No King but King Jesus!”…that was the rallying cry for many in the Revolutionary War. We were in a battle for freedom from England, who desired to implement illegal rules and laws. This war has stood for 200+ years as a standard of freedom and a symbol of liberation from an oppressor. It was the […]

Future ministry, Today’s Humility

Ah, to be like David. King David. The warrior, the worshiper, the poet, the shepherd. Wait…the shepherd? You must mean the pastoral picture of protector and provider, not the guy alone in the fields with smelly animals trying not to step in sheep by-product. Well, it seems that David wasn’t always a king, a warrior, […]

Faith for today, Hope for tomorrow

Do you think life will be better tomorrow or do you think it will be worse?   Do you justify your lack of hope by defining yourself as a ‘realist’?  Do you find yourself lowering your expectations so that you will not be disappointed?   Was it worth it?  Aren’t you really just anticipating disappointment and spreading […]

Without a Vision, the people perish

In the Old Testament, Joseph is that guy who should be mad at God.   No matter what he does things do not go his way.   Try to hang out with his brothers…they throw him in a pit and sell him into slavery.  Try to be a good slave/servant, running the boss’s  business and making it […]