Jesus, the Light of the World

John 8:12 Jesus spoke… saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” Real or imagined, the walls seem to be closing in on us.  The idea of winter’s “cabin fever” is looking pretty good right now.  Here we are, stuck […]

Where’s the peace?

Peace… Goodwill… to all men.  A testimony of Christ and what it means to the world given to us by the angels at His birth.  But these days, 2,000 years later, peace seems awful hard to come by.  The world certainly doesn’t appear to be at peace.  The Middle East, China, Russia, South America, Central […]

The Importance of Being a Father

Being a father used to mean something. Fathers were the head of the family, the protector, the provider. A family legacy would be protected and if possible handed down to the next generation by the father. Unfortunately, thanks to the entertainment industry, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, men identifying as women, and men now only considered “sperm donors”, […]

Living in a Secular Land

Many Christians today are concerned about the direction our country seems to be taking. We seem to be getting further and further away from God. That soon we will be living in a land led by those who consider Christianity the enemy. From attacks on reading the Bible in public to the sanctity of marriage […]

I’d like to see that

Have you ever gone, or been dragged to, a Christian conference where everyone there seems to be seeing and getting something you are not? They talk about the miracles and spectacular things that happened last week or in other countries… and you think, “I’d like to see that. I might be as excited as everyone […]

How Deep the Father’s Love

God isn’t looking for followers, He is looking for family. From the beginning of time, and before, God had it in His mind to have children.  In Gen 1:26 , Elohim, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.”  That’s King James english for “Let’s […]

WDJD – What did Jesus do?

On that last Thursday evening, during the last Passover meal of Jesus’ life on earth, He told the Apostles that they were to “do what He did”.  My guess is they were hoping for the ‘walking on water’ thing… maybe multiply some loaves and fishes… definitely turn some water into a nice merlot… healing the […]

God is more than you think

Whatever you think about God, He is more. If you think He can heal the pain in your back or neck, He can also heal cancer. If you think God can heal cancer, He can also restore lost limbs. If you believe He can restore lost limbs, He can also raise the dead. If you […]

Walking on Water

Jesus walking on water was a miracle. But we have come to understand and expect that Jesus will do the miraculous. He is, after all, the Son of God. But Peter walking on water? What? He’s like us. He’s a normal guy with normal problems and normal fears. How is it that he ends up […]

A Super Bowl of Blessings

Approximately two thousand years ago, there was a young boy who brought some bread and fish to a Revival Meeting with the Messiah. Over five thousand other people where there, and not a single one of them thought to bring a snack. They spent the day listening to Jesus teach and watching Him heal the […]