A Pro Life Message

Why is abortion a political issue? Over the years, if you are pro-life/anti-abortion, you are probably a Republican, and if you are pro-choice/pro-abortion, you are probably a Democrat. Somehow, abortion has become a liberal vs. conservative issue. How did it come to this? What kind of a society dialogues on the wisdom of killing or not killing their preborn children? We don’t debate whether it’s acceptable to murder adults. We don’t debate the merits of stealing. There isn’t a party for cursing and a party against. And if it were simply a “medical procedure”, why is it that we aren’t in political battles over heart surgery, or tonsillectomies, or any other medical procedure known to man?

Though it seems that the pro-life movement is gaining ground, it will be very difficult to achieve victory for the children if we can’t figure out a way to get it out of politics. The enemies of God, those that want to see His creation destroyed, have been masterful in turning this issue into a commentary about taxes, or war, or prayer before football games, or whether or not the 10 commandments can be displayed on public property, or conservatives, or equal rights for women, or big vs. small government.

I personally believe that most people who are pro-choice, in either party, have only a general idea of what abortion is. They’re not specifically supporting abortion…they’re just opposed to war, or poverty, or religion, or whatever other causes seem to drive the current discussion.  They aren’t particularly interested in the scientific or spiritual ramifications of when life begins.

How do we fight that. How do we convince people of every party and persuasion that the United States of America is engaged in the specific and purposeful destruction of innocent lives. We must reassert our Christian values. Not Democrat or Republican values, but Christian values. We must demonstrate the love of God, compassion, mercy, kindness. We must show people that we care more about God’s creation than we do about politics. We must lead people to the Savior of the World Who sits at the right hand of God, high above principalities and powers, political parties and philosophies of government.

We must try to find our identity in Christ, not as a Democrat or Republican. We must settle it in our own hearts…do we belong to Jesus, or do we belong to the world. There should be no politics when it comes to the life of our children. We can disagree on many things, but can’t we set aside our parties and unite in protecting the preborn children, formed in the womb by the hand of God?

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